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Littles – Leaf Litter

In February I applied for an emerging artist exhibition at the Long River Gallery in White River Junction, VT. I had an idea to create what I call littles, 4″x4″ watercolor/pen & ink paintings mounted on wood panel. I wanted to create 72 of these pieces and hang them all together so they can be separate or make a larger piece. I wanted them to look as if they went together, but would stand on their own as well.

When I am walking through the woods, or anywhere really I tend to look at the ground and try to spy something interesting. When I thought of this project I thought this might be a fun theme to work with. So I did it, I created 72 littles that were images of the ground. Mostly leaf litter at different stages of the year. Spring, Summer, Fall & Winter.

Now that I had all of the littles painted, I needed a proper way to hang them that created a larger piece. I went to my husband on this, and we put our ideas together and came up with way to display all 72 of my littles.


This project taught me patience, and now I know that I can create a crazy project and complete what I set out to do. At times I thought I never, ever want to see another leaf again but I was able to stick with it. My littles are currently for sale at Long River Gallery, stop in and check them all out if you get a chance!


About Me, Artist Couple, Family, Galleries

A Little Bit About Me!

I am Amy Hook-Therrien, a native Vermont artist living in Windsor, Vermont. I went to The University of Maine in Orono, where I received a BFA focusing in painting & sculpture. I met my husband in a painting class, and after we graduated I dragged him back to Vermont with me. We have two dogs Goose & Possum, they are both Australian Shepherd mix rescues. We also have two bunnies named Sprout & Sage.

I have always loved art, and I was always creating something. It didn’t matter what the subject or medium was, I just had to make something, anything. Right now I focus on primarily on watercolor paintings, with pen work. I am a bit obsessed with birch trees, and dead beech leaves. I love going to walks or hikes and finding something new to paint.

I have been a juried member of the Vermont Abenaki Artists Association since 2014. I have recently just become a member of the Vermont Hand Crafters this year. I am currently in a few galleries, Creative Space Gallery in Vergennes, Artisans’ Gallery in Waitsfield, Rock Art Brewery in Morrisville and Spirit Wind Gallery in New Mexico. I am always looking for new galleries to show my work. Basically I am trying to get my name out there.

So there is a little bit about me!

-Amy Hook-Therrien