Amy Hook-Therrien

Vermont Artist

Watercolor/Pen & Ink Paintings of New England Scenes

I love painting with watercolor. When I first started working with the medium is made me nervous not to be able to control it, then in time I learned to love the uncontrollable chaos of it. I use pen to put in the fine details then go over with watercolor. I mix my paint loosely so that it separated slightly giving the painting texture. I love to paint natural things, birches, dead beech leaves, waterfalls, plants, stones, it allows me to be freer in my painting style, nothing ever looks the exactly the same in nature. You can fall in love with the imperfect. A flower missing a metal, a tree with a broken branch, these are what I like to find and focus on. Painting in nature is always exciting and exploring it is my passion.

Image Magazine Spring 2021

Summer No. 1
Summer No. 3
Summer No. 2

Amy Hook-Therrien

A Native Vermont Artist, inspired by the New England landscape.


Moochie Cow Illustration

My Bring Up by Shirly Hook

My Five-Dollar Bike Illustration

My Bring Up by Shirly Hook

West Hill Church Illustration

My Bring Up by Shirly Hook

“trees really capture my heart, and your piece allows me to really see this birch up close, for as long as I want to look! (Forever and a day??!)  Also, the composition captures for me the passage of time and the transformations of nature.  If I could draw and paint like you, that is an image I would want to create.  I feel like it’s been inside me waiting for an artist to put it on paper for me!”


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